Kripa Solanki

Co-Founder, Political Engagement Director: Kripa Solanki

Hi! I’m the New England region director based in greater Boston. I currently intern at Massachusetts Peace Action, an organization dedicated to reducing military spending in favor of education, tax reform, and other middle class economic issues. I’m interested in public policy, economics, and languages (among other things), but it was my interest in public policy that highlighted the dearth of Asian Americans in the US government. Historically, there has been (and continues to be) a gross under- or misrepresentation of minorities – especially Asians – in media and politics, and that is what fuels my passion for YALA. I believe the political representation of first generation Americans is especially important to advocate for immigrant and diversity issues, and to support a fair representation of diversity in media. By standing for the issues facing Asian Americans and working toward more representation, future generations of Asian American youth will find role models and have access to a network of leaders.

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