YALA team members are always working hard on exciting projects! Learn more about each one below.


RISE is YALA’s publication and a platform for young Asian-American perspectives. Here, you’ll find things spanning from advocacy, news, and artistic content, to dialogue about Asian-American LGBTQ+ issues. If you’re interested in writing for YALA, see the Join page for the application!

Project Spark

Project SPARK, through YALA’s Pilot Clubs, is designed to create local cohorts of dedicated youth to engage with each other and the greater community on issues that affect young Asian Americans. Club meetings will revolve around the themes of discussions on identity, community involvement, and advocacy. The culminating project of each club will be an event that involves the Club’s greater community. (Apply to start one here.)


Perspective is YALA’s photojournalism project currently based in New York City, bringing light to AAPI voices on issues currently facing the community. Read the stories on our Instagram account, @yalamerica.